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With the recent increase in burglaries and theft, we are receiving numerous enquiries in relation to yard security, site security and general home security. Our customers have numerous security concerns including:

  • Theft from farmyards and sheds.

  • Diesel theft.

  • General construction site security.

  • Potential insurance claims arising from an accident occurring while a trespasser is on site.

In response to these enquiries and concerns, Plant Tracker have developed a number of alarm systems to meet our customer requirements.

Slatted Shed Alarm - Prevent Livestock Theft

With the recent upsurge in cattle theft and farm building break ins, Plant Tracker have developed a number of security solutions for cattle sheds and farm buildings. These include:

  • Door Sensors - These sensors are installed on the doors of the slatted sheds and farm buildings. The alarm system will text or call the preset numbers when the doors of the shed are opened.

  • PIR Sensors - These sensors are placed in the corner of sheds and pick up movement over a wide ares. These are ideal for sheds where no animals are present as the movement of the animals would set off the alarm.

  • Indoor Beam Sensors - These Photoelectric beams are designed specifically for indoor use. A transmitter is places one side of the shed and a receiver unit the other. When an intruder passes through the beam, the alarm is triggered an a text is sent or call made to the preprogrammed number.

As with our other alarm systems, these alarms can operate without mains electricity if required.

All our alarm systems operate via the mobile phone network. This negates the requirement for an expensive phone line been installed.

Solar Powered Alarm
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Photoelectric Beam Yard Alarm - Protect Diesel and Machinery

Plant Tracker’s Photoelectric Beam Yard Alarm is a cost-effective and versatile security alarm. A secure and reliable alarm system, it is very easy to use with the advantage of allowing customers to monitor sites remotely.

How the system works:

  • The alarm system is comprised of a customised alarm unit and sets of photoelectric beams. Each set of beams has a transmitter unit and a receiver unit which can be installed up to 100 metres apart.

  • A continuous beam of invisible light is transmitted from the transmitter unit to the receiver unit. When an object breaks the beam, the receiver unit detects a break in the beam and triggers the alarm.

  • When the alarm is triggered, an SMS message is automatically delivered and/ or a phone call made to the customer’s number. The SMS message can be delivered to up to 5 different phone numbers.

Benefits of the system:

This alarm system is ideal for securing farm yards, outhouses, building sites etc. for the following reasons:

  • Versatile: This versatile alarm system can be installed on sites without mains electricity. All the alarm components can be powered using a standard 12V car battery which can be charged by way of solar panels if required.

  • Easy to use: The Photoelectric Beam Yard alarm system is as easy to use as sending a text message on a mobile phone. The alarm system is alarmed locally by way of key-fobs/ key-rings and all features of the alarm system can be controlled remotely via SMS message.

  • Secure and reliable: The Photoelectric Beam Units are robust and waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The units can be easily disguised and concealed allowing customers to keep the presence of their alarm systems covert if required.

  • Cost effective: The monitoring costs for this system are minimal as the system uses a standard SIM card (bill pay or credit). For customers to receive immediate notification of any intruders, customers are simply required to keep the SIM card in credit.

For further information on this product, please contact Plant Tracker via our contact details as below.

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Solar Powered Alarm
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