Plant Tracker

At Plant Tracker our systems allow the user to get accurate, real-time information on a machine. We have a range of systems to suit self- propelled vehicles such as tractors, vans or diggers and non self- propelled machinery such as trailers, horse boxes or caravans.

If you are considering getting a Plant Tracker installed or require further information, please contact us for a free consultation and quotation.

Fixed Trackers

The versatility and compact size of the Plant Tracker product range allows our systems to be installed in a large variety of plant and machinery including 360 diggers, 180 diggers, dumpers, tractors, lorries, cars and vans.

Our units can be installed on both 12V and 24V machines depending on machine specifications. The Plant Tracker unit comes with a range of features including:

  • The get the real time location of the machine, the user simply dials the phone number of the tracker. The tracker then sends back the co-ordinates where the machine is located

  • For users with smart phones (iPhone, Android) the co-ordinates can be sent back as a Google Map Link. This can then be opened allowing the user to view the machine's location on a map

  • The Plant Tracker Unit has built in roaming capability allowing vehicles to be located throughout the world

  • We do not charge ongoing fees for the operation of the tracker. When the unit is installed, you own it! Getting the location of the machine costs the price of a standard text message

  • The tracker can be configured so the owner receives a text message when the machine is started

  • A movement alarm can be set on the Plant Tracker unit that instructs the unit to send the owner a message when the machine leaves a designated area

  • The Plant Tracker unit can be configured to allow the owner to cut the power to the machine remotely via a text message. This is useful if the vehicle is been parked in a high risk area for a period of time. Another message is then used to reactivate the machine

Please check out our Test a Tracker page to get a full demonstration the Plant Tracker operation.

Magnetic Trackers

Magnetic Trackers are an excellent system for improving the security of trailers, horse boxes and non self-propelled vehicles. The ease of movement and non-traceability of this type of machinery increases the risk of theft and decreases the potential for recovery. When fitted, our Magnetic Trackers provide greater potential for the securing and recovery of these items.

Plant Tracker's battery powered magnetic tracker features include:

  • 30 - 40 days of tracking on a full charge

  • Package includes 12V car charger and mains charger

  • The tracker can be wired into a machine if required. This removes the need to recharge the tracker as it is been powered from the vehicle

  • The tracker features a configurable movement alarm

  • The tracker has a super strong magnet, allowing it to be attached to the underside of vehicles

Magnetic Tracker
Magnetic Tracker With Chargers

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