Hitachi Digger Recovered in Dublin


Hitachi 3 Tonne Zaxis stolen in South Dublin over the previous weekend, was later recovered in a yard near Dublin Airport. The owner discovered the machine missing on the Monday morning and was able to locate the machine using the Plant Tracker. Another satisfied customer!

Tractors Recovered


Two tractors stolen in Armagh were later recovered in Antrim. The thieves had the tractors left in a forest and had intended to return later to remove them. Thanks to the Plant Tracker Units the tractors were located and the thieves were left empty handed when they returned for their booty!

Quad and Tractor Recovered


Thieves in Galway had a nasty surprise when the went to steal a Ford Tractor and Honda 650 ATV from a remote yard. The vibration sensor on the quad was activated which then sent an alert to the owner. The Gardai arrived as the thieves were making their way out of the yard. The farmer was lucky as it is often very difficult for farmers to get insurance on ATVs.

Tractor Located in Waterford


An agricultural contractor outside Waterford city had a nasty surprise when his New Holland Tractor and harvester were stolen early on a Sunday morning. Luckily a Plant Tracker had been fitted in the machine. The location coordinates were retrieved from the unit and the Gardai called. The tractor was recovered in a disused quarry near Wexford. The tractor was probably been stored there for export.

Stolen Zaxis 30 Recovered in Larne


The movement alert on a Hitachi Zaxis 30 alerted the owner that the machine was on the move. The machine, which was stolen in Cavan was later recovered at Larne docks. Unfortunately no one was apprehended at the time, but the owner was happy to have the machine back....

Plant Tracker Locates Stolen Teleporter in Bath, UK


A teleporter stolen from a site in Limerick turned up a week later in Bath, England. The owner, was on holiday at the time the machine was stolen. When he returned to find his machine missing, he retrieved the location from the Plant Tracker unit. When the Police in Bath went to the unit where the machine was stored they recovered three more stolen machines. A "steal to order" gang with connections in Ireland are suspected as been responsible for the thefts.

3 Tonne Zaxis

Manitou Teleporter




New Holland

Honda ATV

John Deere

Swivel Dumper